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With TCN we bring you a unique proposition. Being a cloud-based solution, not only are there no hardware costs or the need for a fixed location for your agents, uniquely FinTec with TCN will implement the system without professional services fees and with no long-term commitment, just a simple month to month pay as you use model.

The platform is hugely flexible, yet straightforward to access, configure and use.

Key features:

TCN Operator

TCN Operator is a collection of all the best call centre tools seamlessly integrated together. With TCN’s no contract promise, the cloud-based platform is customizable to meet all of your call centre needs. TCN’s call centre software supports billions of consumer and agent interactions each year

Omnichannel Communications

Control all call centre communication channels in one place. Provide your agents with a unified experience and the ability to talk with consumers over whichever medium they prefer. Offer numerous channels of communication, and let the customer choose their preference.

Compliance & Data Management

Equipped with the right tools, your call centre can confidently tackle all compliance regulations.

Keeping your call centre and your customers’ sensitive information safe is of the utmost importance and we use the most appropriately located data centre to ensure you comply with local regulations such as GDPR and Offcom. Following compliance regulations made possible by automating and streamlining proper call centre practices.

Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics

Understanding call centre reporting and analytics doesn’t require a crystal ball.

Innovative call centre software helps you manage operations so you can plan and prepare for the future. Strategic reporting helps identify anomalies, trends, and measure performance — ensuring your real-time data is used to your greatest advantage.

Integration & Automation

TCN’s streamlined software has you in mind with its seamless integration into third-party services and applications.

Automating operations keeps your call centre efficient no matter the industry or partners — TCN takes care of things for you behind the scenes. With 24/7 support from skilled representatives, you will find yourself in good hands.

For more information contact us or visit the TCN website